The ECUUP Foundation is constituted in September 2016

The main purpose is to disseminate and support educational and cultural projects in general. The Foundation’s objectives are to disseminate and support the provision of social assistance and inclusion; promotion and care for people at risk of exclusion for physical, economic or cultural reasons; the promotion of tolerance as a value in itself, of the social economy, of the development of the information society or of scientific research and technological development; and promotion and promotion of health.

ECUUP Foundation represents ideas that seek to create markets that do not appear today and that, therefore, are viable because they are opportunities to generate profitable growth in the future; usually these are born from the red oceans. The blue ocean is defined as that space that belongs to the market and has not yet been used or exploited, and which will therefore generate an opportunity for profitable growth

Statutes of the foundation

By clicking on the link below you can download a PDF file with the founding statutes