DISEQUILIBRIUMS is a transmedia storytelling project

based on the book DISQUILIBRIUMS. The Individuals, written by Glen Lapson and published by ECUUP Foundation. There have been creative people involved in the areas:

  • Writing
  • Photography
  • Video edition
  • Web Illustrator
  • Cover Illustrator
  • Musician composer
  • Video Game Developer
  • Historical heritage research
“In its geographic expansion and lust for power, Rome was looking for a place to build a holy city, a place where special conditions were met, a place that represented the origin of the Cosmos on the Earth and where you get the balance of the four elements of the nature: earth, water, air and fire.
They found that place in Hispania, and 23rd December of the year 14 BC they founded a city there. Its people have got some special characteristics because of the balance designed by Rome. But in 2016… this balance is breaking.“