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How to describe the true purpose of my professional development in an interview?

“I have finished my studies, I speak languages, I master new technologies at the user level … and I want to work for your organization.” The above sentence is pronounced many times in personnel recruitment processes. I remember that I did it myself when I joined the labor market and I have heard it countless

DISEQUILIBRIUMS The group — You can read the first three chapters!

The old man is staring at his hands as he draws the curtains. They are strong hands and he knows it. If they could tell you everything they had done during their lifetime, it would be years before they stopped. Hands of all the people they have clasped; the things they have held; the women

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You still have time to buy the book in paperback version. A book where you will find the keys to understand what is expected of you in the future. The book that is changing the perception of how you have to prepare yourself for your career. 7-17 THE EXPERIENCE is a book written by Glen