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Looking for faces of the five characters of DISEQUILIBRIMS_The Individuals!

DISEQUILIBRIUMS_the contest Sofia, Elsa, David, Erik and Samuel need avatars for their social media posts. If you are a creative person and you are good at drawing, you have to participate in our new contest! If you are the winner, in addition to seeing your drawings published in the characters of the book, you will

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New creative photo competition. From 10th to 31rd October 2017: Shop of Chapter 10

? Participate now in our # PhotoContest! We will give an Amazon Check of € 50 and a € 15 to the two winning photos! Instructions: ✅ SUBMIT A PHOTOGRAPH to your Instagram account where a shop, of the same products described in chapter 10 of the book DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals, can be see anywhere