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DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals. Buy the book in paperback version

You are still in time to buy the paperback version of the first part of the DISEQUILIBRIUMS trilogy. The balance established in the city collapses and only five young people can solve it. Immerse yourself in this adventure based on real events that began in Ancient Rome. DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals, is a book written by

DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals. Only one chapter left

Are you following the story of DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals? Do not miss it New chapters have been published. You can read them for free on the website. There is only ONE CHAPTER left to finish the first part of this exciting trilogy. Go to chapter 37 and carry on reading (LINK)   You can also

DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals_only five chapters left

Are you following the history of DISEQUILIBRIUMS Los Indiviudos? Do not miss it Chapter 34 has just been published. You can read it for free on the web. There are only five chapters left to finish the first part of this exciting trilogy.   You can also buy them in paper version on the website

New creative photo competition. From 10th to 31rd October 2017: Shop of Chapter 10

? Participate now in our # PhotoContest! We will give an Amazon Check of € 50 and a € 15 to the two winning photos! Instructions: ✅ SUBMIT A PHOTOGRAPH to your Instagram account where a shop, of the same products described in chapter 10 of the book DISEQUILIBRIUMS The Individuals, can be see anywhere

DISEQUILIBRIUMS-the game. Download, enjoy and learn about real stories

Have not you downloaded the free game Disequilibriums on your Android? Do not wait any longer and start an incredible adventure! "Cities collapse. Get CREATIMINDS to save them and avoid STATICS attack "Enjoy the game ECUUP Foundation supports any of the creative arts of the "Creative Economy" supported by the United Nations. One of them