The book came to me when I was preparing a family tree of the family. Details from the year of the Civil War were emerging and I was driven by the thought of writing about it.

It is based on the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), in which my family suffered, like so many others.

In the book, I talk about the life of my family during that period of barbarity, what they went through, where they went and how they survived (at least some of them).

To write what I have documented and the stories told by the family, I did research so that all that I write in this book are true facts.

There are many books, documentaries and films on this theme. I am conscious that all that have been published by professionals, which I am not.

This project was initially contemplated for my family and friends, although, in the end, I decided to publish it for anyone who wants to read it. I do not wish to gain profit from it but, because the protagonists in the book deserve it, the book is a tribute to them.

It is a labour of a lot of love and, above all, written with extreme care. I hope you like it.